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Slitters from another world

We develop and manufacture innovative slitters to boost the productivity of your company. Take your company to another level with CoreEXA.


Boost your company’s productivity to another level with CoreEXA Slitters.


New slitter coming soon. Stay tuned!

EXA Light

Slitter system with a lot of different features, providing the user with an easier interface and boosting the productivity with its time-saving features.


New slitter coming soon. Stay tuned!

How can we help you?

CoreEXA has a wide variety of services available aside from product placement. We are specialized to perform the complete process from conceptualization to the support and maitenance.


We assess the market and clients' needs to create the slitter concept based on the results of the preliminary analysis.


Development of new slitter machines and respective prototypes. We will assist you with the development process for the slitter that will change your company's productivity.


The manufacturing process is made entirely on our facilities,. This allows us to control the quality of all the components.


The follow-up with clients is made regularly to ensure the equipment's performance. The follow-up process helps us maintain the slitter's productivity and schedule respective maintenance.


We are specialized to perform the maintenance process, improving the equipment's life expectancy.

Help & Support

We are specialized and available for troubleshooting and customer support. This is crucial to decrease the machine's stopping times.

Would you like to start a project with us?

We are always available to discuss and analyze new projects. Give us a call and we will discuss how to improve your company’s productivity with CoreEXA slitters.