About Us

Welcome to a new world of productivity

CoreEXA started its activity in 2022 to fulfill the needs of productivity companies have with slitters in several industries, introducing new ideas and concepts. Nowadays, slitter machines are not adjusted to the market real needs and there are a lot of specifications and funcionalities missing.

Our focus is to provide our clients with slitters that get the job done with high speed and efficiency, making the task easier and increasing productivity at the same time. We are working towards supplying our clients with a diverse range of slitters, suitable for their business model.



Provide innovative slitter machines to our clients, increasing their productivity.


Be recognized as a major player in the slitter development and manufacturing industry.



Why Choose Us?

Choosing us is not just a good choice, it is the choice which will make your path a lot easier and problem-free. This is why you should choose us as your partner:

Creating machines from scratch is the core of our brand. This means we can conceptualize and develop the slitter machine adjusted to your production needs.

The manufacturing processes happens in our facilities, providing us control over the quality of the components and the whole manufacturing process.

We work closely with our clients to create long-term solutions to their productivity issues. We are always available to discuss new projects and adjust the ones made before.

Our support team works closely with the development and manufacturing process. This means they have the know-how for troubleshooting with efficacy.

We provide machine maintenance accorind with the sale terms. Our experienced team provides the maintenance needed to prolong the lifetime of your machines.

Now that you heard about us, what about start checking CoreEXA Slitters?